Thank you for taking interest in our commercial services. No matter your building size or type, we can clean your windows! We do general cleaning as well as post construction clean-up. We offer one-time service or a route service. Many of our clients with smaller locations request weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service.

We can clean hard to reach areas like skylights, atriums, and rope access areas. We can use aerial work platforms (aerial lifts or construction lifts): articulating boom lifts, extension boom lifts, mast boom lifts, rough terrain boom lifts, stick boom lifts, scissor lifts or straight boom lifts (all lifts, both knuckle and telescopic), any type of ground or suspended scaffolding (also called staging, swing stages, etc.) to reach hard to access areas.

We can give quotes over the phone for small shops or simply drive out to your place of business or construction site to give you a quick estimate. We quote bids on-site or provide an official written bid faxed or emailed to your office.

Please note: We warn against making the price of a bid the only factor determining which window washing company you will ultimately do business with. You must also consider these relevant factors:

Appearance: Are they uniformed and clean cut? Are their vehicles and window washing equipment clean and kept up? The answers will clue you in to how seriously they take their job. Sloppy appearance can equals sloppy performance.

Professionalism: Did they give you a written bid or just a verbal estimate? Did they show up on time for the bid? Have they kept their word thus far? Please do not think that they will change their ways once they have been hired. A lack of professionalism in this, the window washing industry (like all businesses), is unacceptable no matter how low the bid is (which, if significantly below all the other bids, may be fishy in and of itself).

From Coffee Shops to High Rises…

…We clean it all!

Types of Commercial Locations:


Retail Storefronts


Office Buildings

Condo & Apartment Buildings

Government Buildings

Newly Constructed Buildings

Shopping Centers

And Much More!

Commercial Route Establishment

If you are interested in route service for commercial window cleaning then we are just the company for you! We pride ourselves on our alacrity. We even finish on time! We keep to the schedule that is right for you (not the other way around). Most window washing routes agreements do not involve written contracts. We can quote bids on-site and provide an official bid (signed) on-site as well. We can even email over our bid if necessary.

For pricing or additional details on these services, give us a call now! 281-493-9274